Hi! My name is Michelle.  In creating Oaks Counsel, I am offering nature-based counseling and programing to facilitate and acknowledge the various changes an individual moves through in life.  

I see my role as a guide, bringing individuals to nature to experience the world within them as seen in the wilderness surrounding them.  I wish to be a witness, support and reflect back an individual's experience in this process of connecting to their innate wisdom and nature.

I like to create a therapeutic experience through introspection, community, spontaneity and play.   I invite people to follow their own inner knowing through spending solitary time in nature, facing unique challenges and ordeals that reveal abilities and resilience.  

I know that life changes invite us into deeply emotional and testing times, which can lead to stress and feeling unbalanced.  My hope is to add curiosity, patience and presence as I walk alongside you through the terrain of your journey.  I know this makes a difference  and this is what I know I am called to offer the world.  I wholeheartedly believe in this.

I invite you to join me in nature, to reveal who you are to yourself and the world!



What moves you?  Let us help.


Across different cultures practices of passage are used to mark a transition in an individual’s life.  Our culture often lacks these practices, leaving young people to create their own.  Left to our own devices, people can create initiations that may lead to disruptive behaviors, unhealthy patterns and bigger questions about life purpose. Through Oaks Counsel, one can explore what is being let go of, what is waiting to come into our lives, and how we live our truths.


Why is this important?  As we mark life phase changes, we celebrate and acknowledge our growth into who we are.  When we live into who we are, we create a culture and community of purposeful living.



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